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The Little Connies is a business based in Philadelphia, PA, which provides professional development for adults, books and music for children and free teaching tips for parents of early learners.

Nancy Golden is the Owner and Operator of The Little Connies. This highly qualified educator has over 32 years experience as a teacher and assistant principal. She earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Special Education from Cheyney State College and a Master's Degree in Educational Administration from Temple University. She is  also certified in Curriculum, Instruction and Supervision. Nancy retired from the School District of Philadelphia in 2013, but continues to serve as a PQAS Speciality Instructor in Pennsylvania. She is an author of children's books and produces delightful nursery rhymes for young audiences.



Skin Color Cookie Color Sugary Sweet to Me is a new book written by Nancy Golden. In this beautifully illustrated book, cookie are compare to the various skin tones of children,  to help them understand their skin color, no matter what color, is beautiful.